Hi, I’m Dianne (she/her)! This is my little space on the Internet where I ramble about books, TV shows, films, and the joys and woes of life and living abroad.

Originally from the Philippines, I am now living in Gothenburg, Sweden while I’m pursuing my PhD studies. When I’m not busy with ~scientific pursuit~, you can find me reading or binge-watching on whatever streaming platform I’m paying for that month.

I started this blog because my old one was making me cringe. I’ve had that blog since I was 15 and reading that now that I’m 27 was wild. I got older and learned a lot through the years, so much so that teen me’s a pretty different person. Now that I feel quite fully formed or closer to my ~final form~, it felt good to start anew.

Disclaimer: I love using tildes so you’ve been sufficiently warned!

Feel free to reach out to me via the Contact page!

P.S. I used to blog at the now defunct Oops! I Read A Book Again so if you were a reader of mine from that era and you rediscovered me now, hi!